UK Approach

Depending on national/system- level priorities ECVET can be used for several purposes and implemented at project or system level.  Many member states are implementing ECVET at project level to support transnational mobility and lifelong learning.  Some member states are however implementing ECVET at system level to reform their VET systems or develop a credit system using ECVET principles.

The UK has all of the main building blocks in place for ECVET implementation with well established credit and qualifications systems.  Thus ECVET will not be implemented or adopted as a Credit Accumulation and Transfer System for the UK.

The UK will use ECVET to support transnational mobility and will engage with ECVET testing through the Lifelong Learning Programme projects.  All stakeholders including awarding organisations, training and assessment providers, Sector Skills Councils and employers will be encouraged to engage in ECVET testing through projects and networks.

Ecorys UK Ltd  as the National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programmes (Leonardo, Grundtvig and Transversal Study Visits) and Erasmus+ (in partnership with the British Council) co-ordinates a UK team of ECVET Experts under the Erasmus+ programme, who provide training and support to raise awareness and promote the benefits of ECVET in the UK.