ECVET for mobility and recognition

ECVET’s purpose is to enable recognition of learners’ achievements during periods of mobility by creating a structure, bringing a common language, and stimulating exchanges and mutual trust among VET providers and competent institutions across Europe, in the context of international mobility but also mobility within countries, ECVET aims to support recognition of Units without extending learners’ education and training pathways.

ECVET contributes to making recognised mobility an integrated part of individuals’ learning pathways. It makes it easier for employers to understand qualifications achieved abroad. It also improves the credibility of international education and training experience by identifying  what the learner has achieved.

ECVET for lifelong learning

ECVET supports flexibility to achieve qualifications enhancing the opportunities for lifelong learning. It makes it easier to recognise achievements that young people or adults have gained in other contexts – countries, institutions or systems including formal, non-formal, or informal ways of learning.

ECVET for attractiveness of VET

By giving learners the opportunity to undertake parts of their training abroad, VET providers can enrich the training provision, raise the attractiveness of training programmes, facilitate cooperation between VET providers and companies and strengthen the link between education and training and the labour market.