We have a dedicated pool of experts from across the UK to provide you with advice and support to understand implement ECVET.

ECVET Experts deliver a range of support services to UK organisations. These have included:

  • a one-to-one session to discuss how ECVET can be implemented in a Leonardo or Erasmus+ Mobility project
  • a pratical workshop for UK organisations to learn more about using ECVET

You can read more about how Experts have helped UK organisations here.

Who are the ECVET Experts in your country?

Click on the photo of an expert to view their profile details as a PDF.

Experts in Wales:

 Sian HolleranSian Holleran
Colleges Wales
 Phil WhitneyPhil Whitney
 Janet Barlow
Janet Barlow
Agored Cymru

Experts in Scotland:

Anthony O’Reilly
SCQF Partnership
Frances Thom
Frances Thom
Martyn Haines
Pisces Learning Innovations
Paul Guest

Experts in Northern Ireland:

Caroline Egerton
Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment
Terri McComiskey
Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessent


Experts in England

Andrew McCoshanAndrew McCoshan

Iverene Bromfield
External Verifier for Core Skills Communication & Higher National Communication
Katherine Latta
Roger Hobbs
Roger Hobbs

For further information about receiving support from an ECVET Expert please give Ecorys a call at +44 (0) 121 212 8947 or send an email to