There are many sources of information on ECVET and ECVET-related activities across the UK and Europe. A whole range of ECVET-related activities are going on across the UK and Europe.

Key documents to get started include:

  • Getting the credit your learners deserve – Guidance note produced by ECVET Experts on the implementation of ECVET in your mobility projects (updated October 2015).
  • Guidance for Awarding Organisations – This guide was produced by the ECVET Experts and is for awarding organisations (AOs) and their recognised centres to support the accreditation of learning gained as part of study or work experience in the European Union (EU) (updated October 2015).
  • ECVET – Mobility Glossary – A short guide to explain the differences between Leonardo Mobility and ECVET terminology and documentation.

ECVET leaflet

  • The basic principles of ECVET are summarised in this leaflet

Using ECVET in Leonardo Mobility Workshop Resource Pack

  • Download our handy pack of workshop resource materials to kick start your thoughts about how you can work with ECVET. Please consult the explanatory note before carrying out any of the activities. You can download the pack here.

ECVET Users’ Guide

Necessary conditions for ECVET implementation – CEDEFOP

Brochure with results of 2008-2011 ECVET pilot projects

  • We have tried ECVET: Lessons from the first generation of ECVET pilot projects.
  • The brochure can be downloaded here.

ECVET templates

ECVET Magazines

To keep in touch with new developments concerning ECVET implementation in Europe, consult the ECVET magazines produced twice a year by the ECVET-Team.

The editions currently produced :

ECVET pilot projects’ bulletins