Useful Links

Links for European ECVET Activities

European Commission – The European Commission’s website on ECVET, including links to useful flyers and official documents.

ECVET Team – The ECVET Support Team supports the European Commission to fulfil its ECVET-related obligations and allows Member States to achieve the objectives laid out in the Recommendations of the European Parliament and Council for implementing ECVET. The ECVET Team supports the ECVET Network and is managed by The French National Association for Automobile Training, the Chamber of Commerce in Paris and the French Ministry of National Education.

ECVET Pilot Project – The European Commission funded a number of pilot projects in 2008 and 2010 to test and implement ECVET. Their results are available here.

NetECVET – Fourteen Lifelong Learning Programme National Agencies for across Europe are working together to help people understand and implement ECVET. The German National Agency led project aims to support practitioners of transnational mobility who are beginning to work with ECVET. The project will develop a toolbox that will help mobility projects in applying ECVET. The final version will be ready at the end of the project in 2013.

Other Useful Websites

Erasmus+ programme: The Erasmus+ programme is the new EU funding programme covering the period from 2014-2020 and replaces the previous Lifelong Learning Programme. It combines the existing sub-programmes (such as Leonardo, Grundtvig, Comenius, Erasmus etc.) to provide a variety of funding opportunities for education, training and youth.

Leonardo da Vinci Programme – The Leonardo programme supports vocational education and training activities across Europe, including mobility.

Europass – Europass is the European initiative designed to help make their skills and experience understood when moving around Europe.

Cedefop – Cedefop is a European Agency that promotes the development of vocational education and training (VET) in the European Union.

European Training Foundation – The European Training Foundation (ETF) is a decentralised agency of the European Commission that contributes to the development of education and training systems of the EU partner countries.